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Coolest watches of the decade: 1980s

Ahh, the 80s.Flashy, opulent, exaggerated… but they also had defects. What a decade. The watches of the 80s were, of course, perfect representations of all the fashion and taste of this boxy-shaped and neon-lit decade. Among the many (many) amazing cults like Miami Vice, the Lancia Delta and Big in Japan by Alphaville, the 80s […]

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2 Watches 4 Life – Living with just two watches?

Asking to Lorenzo S. “If you had to choose only two watches to keep for the rest of your life, what would you choose?”. Ah, the evergreen question among watch enthusiasts. And I’ll start with the evergreen answer: “it’s impossible!”Watch collecting it’s a very fascinating world, with infinite nuances. Sometimes, a watch can be just […]