2 Watches 4 Life – Living with just two watches?

Asking to Lorenzo S.

“If you had to choose only two watches to keep for the rest of your life, what would you choose?”.

Ah, the evergreen question among watch enthusiasts. And I’ll start with the evergreen answer: “it’s impossible!”
Watch collecting it's a very fascinating world, with infinite nuances. Sometimes, a watch can be just a love affair, sometimes it’s a life-long love.
We’re Italians, that’s how we’re made.

If I had to choose just two watches to wear the rest of my life, I’d absolutely go vintage.
To me, vintage watches are more than just “vintage watches”.

Let me explain: they’re art, an expression of a time that doesn’t exist anymore. They represents the taste, the expectations, the lifestyle of an era, and wearing one to me is like a time travel.

Ok I tried to procrastinate, but it’s now time to choose.
Of course, I’d need a daily-wear for the office and the weekend, and a more formal watch for evening events. So… stainless steel for the first and gold for the second.

Here they are: a Rolex Submariner ref. 5512 and a gold Cartier Tortue. Both, with some hidden treasures!

Office and weekend: Rolex Submariner ref. 5512 "Tiffany & Co."

The Rolex Submariner ref. 5512 is an icon, and that’s well earned. It’s a sturdy watch that was conceived to take all sorts of beatings, so it’ll do fine in the thrilling life of our office.

It goes extremely well with all outfits, from a semi-formal suit for a work lunch, to a checkered shirt for the casual days. And it’s a killer piece paired with a sweater on the weekend as well.

The Rolex Submariner ref. 5512 with "Tiffany & Co." signature, from our collection

I get bored extremely quickly (ask my girlfriend, I can’t resist 20 minutes on the beach), but I know for sure I won’t ever get tired of this watch.

The little “Tiffany & Co.” signature at 6 it’s guaranteed to give me a smile every time I’ll look at the time, enlightening even the most boring of days.

A wristshot of me wearing the ref. 5512 "Tiffany & Co."

Events: Cartier Tortue Minute Repeater

I love formal events: dinners, aperitifs, after-dinner parties… And I’m lucky enough to get invited to a few of them. Of course, I need an appropriated watch to wear.

The question is never missing. “What’s your occupation?”, and when I explain my job, expectations are usually high.
Luckily, we have just the right watch: the Cartier Tortue Minute Repeater in yellow gold.

The Cartier Tortue Minute Repeater, from our collection

When you say “Cartier”, everyone immediately associate it with a refined taste and a "not in-your-face" exclusivity.

And that’s why I love this watch.

When at a party, it’s important to be good at conversations, and this piece is guaranteed to get you started and keep your interlocutors entertained for a while. The characteristic shape, the amazing engraved dial, blued Breguet hands, only 25 pieces in the world. And man, have you twisted it?

The beautiful and decorated mechanism can be admired from the sapphire exhibition case back. A detail that both me and my interlocutor always love.

The charming exhibition caseback, you can see the hammers on the top right corner

And when it almost looks like you’re over, just slide the lever on the side.

The chime of the Minute Repeater will leave everyone speechless… and the look in your eyes (well.. mine) will prove that you’re really in love with watches.
You had a great night, made some new friends and maybe created a new watch addict!

A watch I can live with

Here they are, the two watches I'd choose for the rest of my life. Evergreen icons, because they both are, but with some details that are guaranteed to always bring me a smile.
If you're like me, you may like to check the Rolex Submariner "Tiffany & Co." and the Cartier Tortue Minute Repeater in our collection section.

What about you? Do you agree with my choice?

You can find our editor, Lorenzo S. on instagram @lorenzo_spolaor