“Girard Perregaux you’re trying to seduce me… Aren’t you?”

Prestigious and ancient Swiss maison, tapisserie dial, steel case with integrated bracelet, created in the 1970s to fight the quartz crisis… it must be a Royal Oak, right?If when you hear ‘Graduate’ you immediately think of Dustin Hoffman speeding off in his Alfa Romeo to escape the temptations of Mrs. Robinson, well, we can’t blame […]

What on Earth even is an “Equation of Time”?

What motivates watchmakers? What has driven them, for centuries, to perfect tiny mechanisms by making progressively more complex modifications to conceive and realize? Undoubtedly the pursuit of absolute precision, the desire to achieve, with their creations, a constancy of motion comparable to that established by celestial laws. Many watches contain gears and levers whose sole […]

GMT, World timer: What time is over there, honey?

Us watch lovers always like to know what time it is. That’s how we are: we use the chronograph of our watch to measure the cooking time of pasta, we stop listening when we lose ourselves in the fascinating dance of a tourbillon. But certain complications, it has to be said, are really useful in […]

Collectors first: our top 10 of 2022

The year 2022 has now come to an end, and we hope that yours was as good as ours. Once again this year we had the pleasure of selling, but above all admiring, what we think are some of the most beautiful watches in the world. After all, before being dealers, we are collectors first […]

Oh, Oh, Oh! What’s under The Watch Boutique’s tree?

The most magical morning of the year has arrived – it’s time to unwrap presents! This Christmas, we have had the pleasure of helping many dear customers find the perfect gift for the people they love most… but what would we, at The Watch Boutique like, to receive instead? Let’s open the thousand drawers of […]