Coolest watches of the decade: 1980s

Ahh, the 80s.Flashy, opulent, exaggerated… but they also had defects. What a decade. The watches of the 80s were, of course, perfect representations of all the fashion and taste of this boxy-shaped and neon-lit decade. Among the many (many) amazing cults like Miami Vice, the Lancia Delta and Big in Japan by Alphaville, the 80s […]

Cartier Rolex
2 Watches 4 Life – Living with just two watches?

Asking to Lorenzo S. “If you had to choose only two watches to keep for the rest of your life, what would you choose?”. Ah, the evergreen question among watch enthusiasts. And I’ll start with the evergreen answer: “it’s impossible!”Watch collecting it’s a very fascinating world, with infinite nuances. Sometimes, a watch can be just […]

Royal Oak: fifty years and still going strong – Part 1

As we all know, the realm of horology is populated by iconic watches that everybody knows well. Sometimes, they become so popular that even non-watch enthusiasts know the model but can’t name the brand behind it. Think of the Submariner, the Reverso, the Calatrava… and the Royal Oak. Of course we know that it is […]

The hottest brand – Audemars Piguet, get’em now while you can!

Right now, Audemars Piguet is arguably one of the hottest brands in the watch world.Just a few elements in support of this statement: hype is mounting around the Royal Oak in sight of its fiftieth anniversary in 2022; the Maison Museum in Le Brassus, designed by archistar Bjarke Ingels, opened just months ago; and in […]

Why the two-tone Rolex Explorer makes sense

When talking Rolex, there’s no grey area: people appraise or demolish every move the maison makes.The release of the new two-tone Rolex Explorer was heavily criticized by many (many!), but today we’ll try our best to show you why the two-tone Explorer makes sense.  In defence of the new Explorer Let us start strong, and […]