About Us

Passion is what lead us in the seek for the perfect watch. The Watch Boutique, in fact, was born from the passion of enthusiasts to create a unique solution where the buying experience of a watch is maximized, regardless of whether you are looking for the first watch or whether you are looking for a rare piece to add to your collection.

Our many years of experience, expertly combined with tailor-made assistance focused on the individual customer, will drive you in choosing the watch that best suits your needs through all stages of the purchasing process.

Store Locator

ITALIA: Via Brera, 7, 20121, Milan

SWITZERLAND: Via Nassa 40, 6900, Lugano

USA: 589 5th Avenue, STE 1501-A, New York, NY 10017

LUSSEMBURGO: 10A, Rue Henri M. Schnadt, Luxembourg L-2530

+39 345 119 7668 – info@thewatchboutique.com

+41 91 922 73 88 – lugano@thewatchboutique.com

+1 646 467-7720 – info@thewatchboutique.com

+352 621 149 366 – info@thewatchboutique.com

Milano Showroom